Version 3.01
Leading-Edge Features
Special Features
Special Analysis Features
Ordinary Features
Additional Features
List of Ordinary Features
1.   The WinLTP records synaptic activity in extracellular, intracellular or patch clamp modes
2. 2 AD channel acquisition (down to 25 usec sample interval)
3. Two extracellular stimulation outputs (S0 and S1)
4. Two simultaneous patch-clamp recordings using two analog outputs
5. Analog stimulation including analog trains and ramps (loop within loop stimulation)
6. Repetitive sweeps with simultaneous data acquisition (up to 1,000,000 samples and 100 sec duration) and stimulation (using two extracellular pathway stimulation, S0 and/or S1, and epoch-like digital and intracellular analog stimulation)
7. Basic LTP Protocols are either slow single pathway S0 stimulation, or slow alternating dual pathway (S0 then S1) stimulation
8.  LTP induction can be produced by: Single train, repetitive train (theta burst stimulation), and primed burst stimulation
9.  LTD stimulation and analysis can be performed using fast repetitive single pulse sweeps (at up to 10 Hz), or several pulses in a sweep for faster repetitive stimulation
On-line Analyses DC baseline, PeakAmplitude, Latency, Slope, Maximum Slope, Area, Duration, Rise Time, Decay Time, Coastline, PopSpike Area, PopSpike Amplitude, PopSpike Latency, Average Amplitude, Cell resistance (Rm), and Patch electrode series resistance (Rs)
11. Rs single and double exponential curve fitting
11. 12 Analysis graphs
13. Save Analysis Graphs to PNG files
12. Patch seal test protocol implemented
13. Save Sweep Graph as a Windows Enhanced Metafile
14. Save your Spreadsheet/ AmpFile data to an Excel XLS file
15. Reanalyze straight ASCII files (skip header)
16. Automatic data folder creation at starup
17. WinLTP Acquisition and Reanalysis on Macs with Intel processors
18. On-line acquisition for the M- and X-Series National Instruments boards runs in Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.  For the Digidata 132x, use WinLTP 2.20b for Windows XP, 7 and 8, and WinLTP 2.30 for Windows 10 (downloadable from this website).