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Who Should Download / Upgrade

Those reseachers who are doing mult-slice extracellular experiments.  You can now run 4 slices with 2 expracellular stimulation outputs per slice, and 6 slices with 1 extracelular stimulation output per slice.

Those researchers who need up to 6 AD channels and up to 8 extracellular stimulation outputs (S0 to S7).

Those researchers who need more complex extracellular stimulation progocols, including primed burst stimulation.

But, do NOT upgrade the either the Acquisition or Reanalysis program if your computer still uses Windows XP.  Because WinLTP 2.32 does not support Windows XP, we will continue to make WinLTP 2.20b abailable.



Conditions for Using WinLTP

At the sole discretion WinLTP Ltd., academic and commercial users who wish to run WinLTP Acquisition in the Standard or Advanced Mode after the initial Demotrial period must purchase a Standard or Advanced Version license. All users may freely run the WinLTP Acquisition program during the Demotrial Period and the WinLTP Reanalysis program.   


1.  Ownership of the WinLTP Software
    a.  WinLTP Ltd. and the University of Bristol have shared copyright ownership of this software. The user is granted a nonexclusive license to use this software, but does not own it.
2.  Warranty and Liability
    a.  For users running the Standard or Advanced Version WinLTP Acquisition, the maximum liability to WinLTP Ltd. is the cost of the WinLTP Standard or Advanced Version license purchased.
  b. For users running WinLTP Acquisition in the free Demotrial Period and/or just the free WinLTP Reanalysis, the maximum liability to WinLTP Ltd. is zero.
  c. This is experimental research software. As such it has been well tested in our research group and many groups around the world, and is largely bug-free in these particular experiments.  However, it is solely up to the user to determine if this software is suitable for his or her purpose, to determine if its limitations are acceptable, and to test that it is operating correctly. Thus, there is no warranty implied concerning the fitness of this software or documentation for the user's purpose, and the software and documentation is supplied 'AS FOUND'.
  d. In particular, WinLTP Ltd. disclaims all liability for any direct, indirect, consequential or indirect damages resulting from the use of the program, including the costs of rectifying incorrectly obtained research results.
3.  Support
    a.  Although WinLTP Ltd. will strenuously try to fix all bugs for the foreseeable future, it cannot promise when they will be fixed (or whether they will actually be fixed, particularly if they occur intermittently on a remote site computer).
  b. For users of the Standard and Advanced Acquistion Versions, WinLTP Ltd. will provide continuing support on how to experimentally use the WinLTP program for the foreseeable future.  However, the promise of this experimental support by WinLTP Ltd. is limited to 1 year after purchase.
4.  Restrictions on Use
  a. You may not legally distribute this WinLTP software over the internet, resell this software, or include this software with any other product without written permission from WinLTP Ltd.
  b.  You may not legally attempt in any way to overcome the copy protection mechanisms for the Standard or Advanced Versions of WinLTP Acquisition.  You are not allowed to:
         1.  Reverse engineer, debug or decompile WinLTP, the License Key or the Dongle
    2. Clock back the computer date or reinstall the program in an attempt to overcome the copy protection
    3. Distribute your License Key outside your lab group
    c.  This software can only be used in research that meets the Society for Neuroscience guidelines for animal research.
    d.  It is forbidden to use this software on HUMAN subjects.
5.  Sale of Standard and Advanced Mode Licenses
    a WinLTP Ltd. reserves the right to change prices at any time.
  b. WinLTP Ltd. reserves the right to determine what capabilities will be in the Standard and Advanced Modes, and these can and probably will change from version to version.
6.  Upgrade Policy
    a.  Minor upgrades and bug fixes for Standard and Advanced Mode functions will be free to the user.  Whether to charge for major upgrades of WinLTP will be up to the sole desretion of WinLTP Ltd.



1.  If you are running the Standard or Advanced Version of WinLTP Acquisition, we would appreciate it if you would reference using this software by name (e.g. as WinLTP).  We would also appreciate it if you would reference the WinLTP paper: 
Anderson WW and Collingridge GL  (2007)  Capabilities of the WinLTP data acquisition program extending beyond basic LTP experimental functions.  J. Neuroscience Methods, 162:346-356.
Anderson WW, Fitzjohn SM and Collingridge GL  (2012)  Automated multi-slice extracellular and patch-clamp experiments using the WinLTP data acquisition system with automated perfusion control.  J. Neuroscience Methods, 207:148-160.
  (whichever is most appropriate),
2.  BUGS: We also would appreciate it if you would let us know of any bugs you have found.  If you don't tell us, they won't get fixed!


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