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Multitasking and Continuous Acquisition

Multitasking and the Protocol Builder are at the heart of WinLTP.  WinLTP can simultaneously execute two independent tasks, the Stimulation/Acquisition Sweeps task, and the Continuous Acquisition task. The Continuous Acquisition Task is a ‘tape recorder’ that saves continuously acquired data to a gap-free Axon Binary File (for later off-line analysis using other programs).  The figure below shows a common usage of multitasking in WinLTP - to record a Continuous Acqusition gap-free file while simultaneously outputting acquisition/stimulation sweeps to record and online analyse patch electrode series resistance and cell input resistance.

To our knowledge, WinLTP is the only electrophysiology program to have multitasking.


This figure shows these two tasks operating simultaneously – the Continuous Acquisition task to record mini-EPSCs (top middle panel), and the Stimulation/Acquisition Sweep task to measure patch electrode series resistance (Rs) and input resistance (Rm).