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by Dr. Clair Booth
University of Bristol, Bristol, UK


A program module to import many WinLTP ASCII sweep files into a MATLAB program for reanalysis 


WinLTP was designed from the start to save the data acquired in the stimulation/acquisition sweeps into many ASCII text files, one file per sweep.  This was so there didn't have to be yet another binary file format.  The first part of each ASCII sweep file was the header containing the acquisition and stimulation infomration, and the later part was the data.

By doing so, we thought that anyone could easily reanalyze the sweep data with their reanalysis programs.  (We never assumed that WinLTP Reanalysis could do all the analyses required!!!)

However, it turned out that while almost every reanalysis program could easily load - in one step - ONE ASCII file, most reanalysis programs could not easily load - in one step - MANY  ASCII files.  Therefore they could not easily reanalyze a whole WinLTP experiment in one step.


Therefore, we were glad when Dr. Clair Booth decided to reanalyze many WinLTP ASCII sweep files in MATLAB.  She (and her colleagues Dr. Paul Banks and Prof. Zafar Bashir) wanted to measure action potential shape, spike frequencies and other things that WinLTP did not analyze.

WinLTPimport is their import program module that loads many WinLTP ASCII sweep files into their MATLAB program.  The program module is free and open source, ie all source code is included.  The WinLTPimport module can be used to import sweep files from WinLTP 3.00, and from WinLTP 2.32 and earlier.  And with slight modification, the WinLTPimport module should be able to import other ASCII files.


The author, Clair Booth, is happy to help you put her WinLTPimport program module into your MATLAB program (

The  WinLTPimport.m  program module can be downloaded below. 




Clair Booth's instructions for using WinLTPimport: