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Windows XP support has ended on April 8, 2014

Windows XP security support from Microsoft has stopped on April 8. 2014, and Microsoft no longer supplies Windows XP security code updates.  Therefore, all Windows XP computers should be disconnected from the Internet at this time. However, the Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus/antimalware program will continue to be updated until July, 2015. 


Just Disconnect from the Internet?

Rather than upgrade your Windows XP computer, the simplist thing to do is to just disconnect your Windows XP computer from the Internet, and transfer your WinLTP data using a USB memory stick.


WinLTP using the National Instruments boards

Alternatively, if you are using a National Instruments borard, upgrading to Windows 7 is easy and no problems have been reported.  Since 2008, WinLTP using a National Insturments board has been able to run on Windows Vista, and later, Windows 7 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit. 


WinLTP using the Digidata 1320A or 1322A boards

The Digidata 1320A and 1322A boards are not compatible with Windows 7 64-bit, but work fine with Windows 7 32-bit.  WinLTP users have found that WinLTP 1.01, 1.10 and 1.11, but not 2.00 or 2.01, runs fine on Windows 7 32-bit.  The upcoming next version of WinLTP, 2.10, will run fine on Digidata 1320A/322A boards using Windows 7 32-bit.

Molecular Devices has recommended the Tekram DC-395U, the Tekram DC-395UW, and the Adaptec 29160N SCSI cards.  Molecular Devices have found that while these work for the most part, but they do not guarantee that they will work on all computers.  They have found some SCSI BIOS settings needed to be edited on some systems (Max Sync Xfers = 20.0)

We have found that upgrading the SCSI card is hit-or-miss.  We did not have success with the Tekram DC-395U or the Adaptec 29160N SCSI adaptors (but you might), but we did have success with the Adaptec 2930U and the AdvanSys Win2K Fast/Ultra Narrow cards.  The main point is to have the Digidata 1322A be recognized in the SCSI BIOS during computer startup - you should see something like this: "SCSI ID 0: Axon DIgidata1322".

Next, install AxoScope/pClamp version 10.3 or higher.  This will install the appropriate initialization drivers for the Digidata 1322A.

Then run the free AxoScope.exe program.  It will initially run in the demo mode.  Then in AxoScope, click the menu items Configure-> Digitizer, and then choose Digidata 1322A to cause AxoScope to recognize the Digidata 1322A.

Then make sure the PCLAMP 9 driver files axdd132x.dll and axabffio32.dll are in the folder containing the WinLTP program (like C:\WinLTP).  Do NOT put the pClamp 10 axdd132x.dll and axabffio32.dll driver files into the WinLTP program folder.

Then run the WinLTP 1.11 Digidata progam to test that WinLTP is working correctly on Windows 7 32-bit.


Feel free to email to obtain the WinLTP 1.11 Dididata program and the latest information.