Version 2.20b
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What's next after WinLTP 2.20?

Proposed additions to WinLTP 2.30
   1. Measure PopSpike Area as well as Amplitude and Latency (only in Reanalysis now)
  2. Easily reanalyze binary ABF files
3. When the main spreadsheet is saved to an Excel file, also save bitmapped files of the Analysis Graphs and/or the ADsweep Graphs.
Proposed additions to WinLTP 2.31
     1.  Measure PopSpike Area as well as Amplitude and Latency (now for also Online Acquisition)
Proposed additions to WinLTP 3.00
      1. Five AD channels
Proposed additions to WinLTP 3.10
  1. Increment/Decrement of analog and digital stimulation values
  2. Put subroutines into the Protocol Builder to improve protocol script clarity, particularly for automated perfusion
2. Add support for voltage-controlled stimulus isolators like the Digitimer DS4
Proposed additions to WinLTP 3.20
1.   Improved sweep stimulation
      a.   Four extracellular stimulation outputs, S0 to S3 (currently S0 and S1)
b. Extracellular stimulation with many sequential pulses and/or trains
2. Four Pulse (P0 to P3) and four Train (T0 to T3) Stimulation Sweeps (currently P0 and P1, and T0 and T1)
3. Telegraphing inputs from PatchClamp amplifier to set gain
Proposed additions to WinLTP 3.30
1. Add 50/60Hz hum cancellation during evoled sweeps to five AD channels
Proposed additions to WinLTP 4.00
1. Capture and analysis of spontaneous events