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PopSpike Measurement

WinLTP is somewhat unique in doing on- and off-line measurements PopSpike Amplitude and Latency, although one would expect this in an LTP program.

The PopSpike Amplitude is calculated as the amplitude from the PopSpike peak to the intersection with an interpolated tangent dotted line drawn between the pre-PopSpike peak to the post-PopSpike peak (shown be the solid vertical line in the figure below). PopSpike Latency is calculated as the time between the occurrence of stimulus pulse and the PopSpike peak. PopSpike Amplitude and PopSpike Latency do not depend upon DC baseline or Peak Amplitude.

For more information see Section 4.11.9 in the on-line WinLTP Manual.


Detection of Population Spike Amplitude and Population Spike Latency. Detection occurs between the left and right brackets on the waveform. The solid vertical line is the PopSpike Amplitude, and the time between the stimulus pulse and the solid vertical line is the PopSpike Latency.