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WinLTP Requirements - National Instruments M- and X-Series Boards or Digidata 132x Boards
WinLTP requirements
     1. Digidata 132x boards require a PCI slot computer or laptop computer  (3 GHz or higher processor recommended)
M- or X-Series PCI or PCIexpress boards require a PCI or PCIexpress slot computer with at least a 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 processor (e.g. with hyperthreading, the faster the better, multi-core processors supported).  M- or X-Series USB boards require a Dual- or Quad-Core computer with a USB 2.0 bus.
2. M- and X-Series boards require Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 (32- or 64-bit); Digidata 132x boards require Windows 2000, XP, 7 or 8 (32-bit only).
3. 2048 MB of memory recomended (1024 MB minimum)
  4. 1280x1024 pixel monitor minimum, 1920x1080 recomended
5. Data acquisition boards
        a.  National Instruments X-Series PCIexpress boards (including PCIe-6321, PCIe-6323, PCIe-6351, PCIe-6353), and M-Series PCI boards  (PCI-6221, PCI-6229, PCI-6251 or PCI-6259).
      Important: Do NOT buy National Instruments USB, PCI or PCIexpress 621x M-Series boards because they have no streaming digital output which WinLTP requires for jitter-free extracellular S0/S1 pathway stimulation.  In contrast, the 622x and 625x M-Series boards, and all X-Series boards do have streaming digital output and are fine.
      Also, do NOT buy the National Instruments 37-pin version of the PCI-6221 because it has only 2 rather than 8 high speed digital outputs, and is therefore only sufficient for S0 and S1, but nothing else such as the 4 digital outputs or the additional extracellular outputs for automated perfusion control.
    b. National Instruments USB 2.0 X-Series boards (including USB-6341, USB-6343, USB-6351, USB-6353), and M-Series (including USB-6221-BNC, USB-6229-BNC, USB-6251-BNC, USB-6259-BNC).
    c. Molecular Devices' Digidata 1320A and 1322A  (for WinLTP, NI boards work better than Digidata boards)


Limitations of Windows 10
  1. We have found slight problems with the WinLTP Reanalysis program on Windows 10.  Basically, the Reanalysis program has trouble changing folders if they are not on the Desktop.  If you move your data folders to the Desktop, then there is no trouble.  This Windows 10 limitation has been fixed in the upcoming WinLTP 2.30.
     2. For acquistion with National Instruments boards on Windows 10, you should use the NI-DAQnx driver software of 15.5 (February, 2016) or later.  You might as well install the latest NI-DAQmx driver software (NI-DAQmx 17.1, May, 2017).
3. The Digidata 1322A or the 1320A have not been tested on Windows 10, so keep using Windows XP or Wndows 7 (32-bit).